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Satco Product Catalogs


Lamp Source Product Catalogs

Miniature-Lamps Satco Products Miniature Lamps

Ballasts-Accessories Satco Products Ballasts & Accessories

Carded-Lamps Satco Products Carded Lamps

Decorative-Incandescent Satco Products Decorative Lamps

Flourescents Satco Products Fluorescent Lamps

General-Service Satco Products General Service

Halogen-Lamps Satco Products Halogen Lamps

HID-Lamps Satco Products HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps

Reflectors Satco Products Reflectors

Sealed-Beam Satco Products Sealed Beam

Specialty-Lamps Satco Products Specialty Lamps


Lamp Spec Product Catalogs

Miniature-Sealed-Beam Satco Products Miniature & Sealed Beam Lamps

Compact-Fluorescent-Lamps Satco Products Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent-Lamps Satco Products Fluorescent Lamps

Halogen-Lamps Satco Products Halogen Lamps

HID-Lamps2 Satco Products HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps

Incandescent Satco Products Incandescent Lamps

Ballasts Satco Products Ballasts


General Lighting Product Catalogs

Bulk-Lighting Satco Products Bulk Lighting

Carded-Lighting-Hardware Satco Products Carded Lighting Hardware

Desk-Lamps-Specialty Satco Products Desk Lamp & Specialty

Electrical-Accessories Satco Products Electrical Accessories

Glassware Satco Products Glassware

Lighting-Fixtures Satco Products Lighting Fixtures

Track-Lighting Satco Products Track Lighting


CFL Product Sheets

CFL Par Lamps Satco 11/15/23 Watt CFL Par Lamps

Ultra Mini CFL Spirals Satco 13W T2 Ultra Mini Specialty CFL Spirals

Mini Spiral Value Packs Satco 13W T2 Mini Spirals 4 Bulb Value Packs

T2 Ultra Mini Spirals Satco 15/18/20/23/26 Watt T2 Ultra Mini Spirals

Bullet CFLs Satco 15 Watt CFL Bullet Bulbs

T2 Ultra Mini 3 Pack Satco 18W & 23W T2 Ultra Mini Spirals 3 Bulb Pack

BR38 CFL Reflectors Satco 23 Watt BR38 CFL Reflectors

R40 CFL Reflectors Satco 23 Watt R40 CFL Reflectors

Hi-Pro CFL Spirals Satco 32/40/55 Watt Pro Series Hi-Pro CFL Spirals

Torpedo Cand CFLs Satco 3W and 7W Candelabra CFL Torpedo Bulbs

Torpedo Med CFLs Satco 3W and 7W Medium CFL Torpedo Bulbs

T2 Ultra Mini Spirals Satco 5/9/11/13 Watt T2 Ultra Mini Spirals

T2 Ultra Mini Spirals Satco 5/9/13 T2 Ultra Mini Spirals

A-Type CFL Bulbs Satco 7/9/11/15 Watt A-Type CFL Bulbs

Globe CFL Bulbs Satco 9 and 15 Watt Globe CFL Bulbs

GU24 Base CFL Bulbs Satco GU24 Base CFL Bulbs

Photocell 3-Way CFL Bulbs Satco Photocell & 3-Way CFL Spirals

R20/R30 CFL Bulbs Satco R20 and R30 CFL Reflectors